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Hope Adventist News (HAN) keeps you up to date with events and initiatives happening within our local adventist churches, districts, unions and conferences. It also features exciting stories, creative ventures and campaigns taken up by our churches to improve the well being of the community. HAN goes beyond our Ghanaian borders to the international front and informs viewers about international adventist ventures and projects. Join our news anchor Nana Akosua Boakye every Sunday at 8pm for this and so much more.

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Bible study can be a tough one especially if you do not have a community around you which will encourage the same. Nothing compares to a fellowship which emphasizes the study of the word together, and everyone needs such a fellowship. Hope Bible School builds this fellowship, not only with its weekly attendees but you the viewers too. Join us every Friday at 4pm as we discuss complex bible questions, draw concepts from bible narratives and comprehend how these should direct our interpretation and understanding of the Word of God

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