Santuary Service

In Seventh-day Adventist theology, the heavenly sanctuary teaching asserts that many aspects of the Hebrew tabernacle or sanctuary are representative of heavenly realities. In particular, Jesus is regarded as the High Priest who provides cleansing for human sins by the sacrificial shedding of his blood.

Santuary Service


Sanctuary Epi 23 INT

'Sanctuary Epi 23 INT'

The Sanctuary Se1 Episode 12

'The Sanctuary Se1 Episode 1'2

The Sanctuary Se1 Episode 13

'The Sanctuary Se1 Episode 13'

Sanctuary Design

'Sanctuary Design'

The Sanctuary Se1 Episode 10

'The Sanctuary Se1 Episode 10'

Christ Ministration In The Most Holy Place

'Christ Ministration In The Most Holy Place'

The Sanctuary Se1 Episode 4

'The Sanctuary S'e1 Episode 4'



The Sanctuary Se1 Episode 8

'The Sanctuary Se1 Episode 8'

Saved from the Presence of Sin Investigative Judgement

'Saved from the Presence of Sin Investigative Judgement'

Sanctuary Epi 33

'Sanctuary Epi 33'

Origin of Sin

'Origin of Sin'

Santuary Service
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