Bonsu Nkwanta For Christ Campaign

Bonsu Nkwanta For Christ Campaign

The Western North Ghana Conference has organized a remarkable 10-day city evangelistic campaign at Bonsu Nkwanta, themed "Time is at Hand," inspired by Revelation 1:3. This campaign was a concerted effort to share the good news and the message of the impending Second coming of the Jesus Christ with the community of Bonsu Nkwanta.

Evans Asante Mensah - WNGCNov 5, 2023, 1:44 PM


Bonsu Nkwanta For Christ Campaign

The event featured the participation of renowned speakers and artists, contributing to its significance. Evangelist Devon Searchwell, an international evangelist from the UK, was the primary speaker, while the talented Tuckley Twins Music Ministers graced the campaign with their melodious performances.

To ensure the campaign's objectives were met, several other clergies within the conference actively engaged in leading three additional centers in the town, supplementing the main speaker's center. These dedicated speakers included Pr. Joseph Ackah Miezah, the WNGC President, Pr. Elijah Asante, WNGC Treasurer, Pr. Emmanuel Gyedu, WNGC Executive Secretary, Pr. Wilfred Quansah, WNGC Host Pastor, and other associate Pastors such as Pr. Philemon Abraham and Pr. George Kwao.

Throughout the campaign, a variety of planned programs and activities enriched the experience. These included a leaders' retreat, melodious singing sessions, and an engaging radio campaign. The Kofikrom SDA Hospital contributed by offering a valuable health talk and screening services to the community.

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An essential element of the campaign was the involvement of a highly anticipated team of 30 lay members who worked tirelessly, visiting non-Adventist households daily, inviting them to the evening campaign programs. Their dedication and God's grace yielded positive results.

On the climactic final Sabbath, Eld. Devon Searchwell, the main speaker, delivered a powerful message titled "God’s Glory Mission," rooted in Revelation 14:6. He called upon all to repent from their sins and separate from the fallen Babylon, with the promise that their names would be inscribed in the book of life, sparing them from eternal suffering.

The campaign's ultimate goal was to win souls for Christ and prepare them for His imminent second coming. Through God's grace, 48 individuals committed their lives to Christ and expressed their readiness for baptism.

During the campaign's concluding moments, the WNGC Executive Secretary extended heartfelt gratitude to the international participants for their significant support in spiritual, physical, and financial aspects, which aided an ongoing church building project at Adawomase within the district. The foreigners warmly responded to this appreciation and expressed their desire to return soon.

The Chief of Bonsu graced the event and, in his speech, conveyed his delight in welcoming the visitors. He urged them to always remember the profound impact they've had on both the spiritual and physical aspects of the community.

In an interview with our HAN reporter, Evangelist Devon Searchwell described the campaign as astonishing, considering that some evening sessions were disrupted by rainfall, yet the campaign managed to baptize a substantial number of people.

The Tuckley Twins Ministers expressed their profound blessings in coming to Ghana to share the gospel through their musical ministry, and Pr. Joseph Ackah-Miezah, the WNGC President, provided further insights into the campaign's purpose, results, and other details.